Canadian Brand Partner Jessica has a BIG time with Ellie

By May 13, 2015Ripple Stories

My “Little Sister” in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program is Ellie and she happens to be an AMAZING girl. She is 12 years old and has been battling a brain tumor since she was born. They cannot operate on the tumor but this does not slow her down whatsoever.

She really has changed my perspective on life. We do arts and crafts, see movies, sing in the car, go skating and play board games or charades. We have been to Canada’s Wonderland Amusement Park, thanks to the BBBS agency providing tickets.I was fortunate enough to take Ellie to the hair salon for her first highlights. She wanted blue highlights, so we got them together! I suggest to anyone who’s contemplating becoming a BIG to do so. It is definitely worth it. Ellie has been truly inspirational in my life!



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